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Year in Review, Transportation Awards: Measure R, Dodger Stadium Gondola!

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As 2008 comes to a close, here's a look (and in some cases, an update) to the more compelling and fantastic stories that stood out this year. And now a look at the transportation stories of 2008...

Traffic Hero: While fare hikes and service cuts threaten the transit systems of other cities, LA's nascent network now has money to grow for the next 30 years. The passing of Measure R—which increased the sales tax by half a cent to provide money for new rail lines and better bus service—can all be traced back to California Assemblyman Mike Feuer. Way back in the summer, the Westside Democrat introduced legislation to get Measure R on the ballot, and against all odds—anti-R politicians in the suburbs, a 2/3 voter threshold, etc.—the thing passed. So, thanks Mike, for being a politician who actually gets stuff done.

The Crazy Ideas Are the Best Ones: At a huge trafficpoolaza meeting in January, city officials suggested the idea of using an air tram system for Dodgers Stadium (it would connect Chinatown and the summit at Chavez Ravine). This news was followed by earlier suggestions of a gondola, and last month, we dug up a centuries-old suggestion for an escalator. An escalator! Keep spitting out ideas, city officials/Dodgers' owner Frank McCourt. Because the parking costs, the traffic, and the CO2 emissions aren't working out for fans.
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