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CurbedWire: Billboard Ban Broken Already, Ralphs on "Mad Men"

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LOS ANGELES: All the city wanted for Christmas was for the billboard companies to adhere to that recently passed temporary moratorium on new billboards. But during the holidays, three full-sized, double-sided billboards cropped up alongside the 110 freeway downtown, according to the blog Ban Billboard Blight. On December 26th, the city's attorney filed criminal charges against the parties. An excerpt from the notice, available on the blog: "Timothy McDaniel, owner of construction company McDaniel Inc., and three separate property owners; Austin Family Associates, LLC, Plumbers Union Local No. 78, and West Hollywood Properties, LLC, were each charged with one count of construction without permits, one count of placing or altering a sign without a permit and one count of erecting a sign without first securing all required permits and licenses. McDaniel was also charged with failing to obey an order of the Department of Building and Safety to discontinue construction. Each count carries a maximum penalty of six months in jail and/or a $1,000 fine." [BBB]

LOS ANGELES: "Mad Men" fans, listen up: A bag from now-defunct department store The Broadway appeared in a recent episode, reports the Franklin Avenue blog. And in another scene, "Don is carrying a bag of groceries from Ralph's -- and yes, the chain's old, mid-century logo is featured on the bag." [Franklin Avenue Blog, scroll down]