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Freeman House Restoration: What the Hell Is Taking So Long?

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USC architecture student Emily Kemper, via Archinect's school blogs, provides an update on the progress of Frank Lloyd Wright's Freeman House restoration. And it's still looking...well, not great. Patience, people, patience. While FLW's other concrete block houses, such as the Hollyhock and Ennis houses, have recently undergone expensive restorations, the Freeman House seems to linger. (The two privately-owned concrete block FLW homes are in pretty good shape - the Storer house and La Miniatura - now on the market). The Freeman House was bequeathed to USC's School of Architecture in 1986. In 2005, the school completed a stabilization project with a $901,000 FEMA grant and $1.5 million in school funds. When the stabilization project was done, USC estimated the full restoration could take a decade. The school also set up a concrete-block plant to integrate the restoration into the curriculum. Free labor! While the street view doesn't look too bad, the roof is another story. Better shore that up! The winter rains are a-coming.
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