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Jimmy Kimmel! Chad Rogers! All At the W Hollywood!

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Who knew that comedian Jimmy Kimmel once testified in support of the Hollywood and Vine project at one of the many Community Redevelopment Agency meetings about the development? Kimmel, who MC'd today's big W Hollywood event, told us the backstory on why he's involved: It was Kimmel who pushed to get a mural of actor John Ritter up on Ritter's alma mater Hollywood High School, and via a joint effort between the Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency, Legacy Partners and Gatehouse Capital (all are behind the Hollywood and Vine development), Kimmel was able to make it happen. (A fan of the late actor, Kimmel actually started working to get the mural up while Ritter was still alive.) So he's helping out with the Hollywood/Vine project. The funniest quip he made today followed a remark made by City Council President Eric Garcetti, who said the hotel at Hollywood and Vine was rising on "holy ground." "This is holy ground," agreed Kimmel, looking down at what'll be the open air lobby. "And I look forward to seeing Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton vomiting on it."

Then we ran into Chad Rogers, star of "Million Dollar Listings." Wow. Considering how many times we'd marveled at his hair, it was necessary to inspect it in person. It actually looked good! "I put in a couple of layers," he told us. Rogers is actually a very nice guy. He said he is still dating Victoria.

And since Rogers is now filming season 3 of "Million Dollar Listings," cameras were following him. After he told us that he is representing the $3.2 million penthouse at the W Hollywood, the "Million Dollar" producers asked us to sign a release so they could possibly use footage of Rogers talking to us about his hair and the penthouse listing. In light of all our coverage of the show, that was a mind fuck.

Later, we watched as one of the fire chiefs went over and mistook Rogers for a famous musician. Jonas Brother? Nope. Rogers was as cordial as ever, telling the guy: "I'm not a musician, I'm a real estate agent."
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