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CurbedWire: Brown Derby Auction, Defending Club Nokia

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LOS ANGELES: That, people, is a brick from the original 1926 Brown Derby restaurant. And it's for sale. On December 21, Bonhams & Butterfields auction house will present various Hollywood memorabilia, including items from the Derby. According to the web site, the brick is estimated to fetch $50-$75. More about the auction: "On offer in December are several unique pieces of the Brown Derby’s first location on Wilshire Boulevard, across the street from the famous Ambassador Hotel. Highlights include a group of four framed ‘hunt’ prints, 1920s-1960s (est. $400/600); an ashtray and boxes of printed matchbooks circa 1960s (est. $300/500); a brass 'derby' wall sconce (est. $300/500); a 1920s wooden 'brown derby' wall decoration (est. $300/500); and one of the restaurant’s souvenir tablecloths - printed with a map of 1950s Hollywood, with The Brown Derby restaurant right in the center (est. $200/300)." Go nuts, Derby fans. [Curbed Staff]

DOWNTOWN: A reader writes in to defend Club Nokia from the savages who would lump the music venue in along with the ugliness that is LA Live. In reference to LA Times architecture critic Hawthorne's unfavorable review of the downtown megadevelopment, he notes that Hawthorne did write that Club Nokia is "noticeably better executed" than the rest of LA Live. (Well, sure, but the rest of paragraph is negative again.) But, yes, Club Nokia, as we noted before, is getting mostly positive reviews. [Curbed Inbox]


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