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Reminder: Curbed Cup 2008 Final Vote, Culver City vs. Koreatown

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Just a reminder that Curbed Cup 2008, a contest that'll pick the best LA neighborhood of the year, is still going on. And the vote has come down to Culver City and Koreatown. Using a criteria of smart growth--new development, new restaurants, community efforts--what neighborhood shone brightest this year? Culver City started work on the Town Plaza area project, saw an explosion of restaurants, fought a funky-looking office building, and did more work in anticipation of the Expo Line. Koreatown, meanwhile, added transportation-friendly new condominiums and apartments, added more restaurants and retail, announced plans for an ambition vertical mall, and talked about designating a sign district. Vote now! Polls will close Monday night--perhaps Koreatown can make up that 1,000 vote deficit.

Culver City notables:

Development Du Jour: Culver City's Tilden Townhomes
Culver Commons Project Coming to Ghost Car Dealerships
Culver City Restaurant Explosion Phase II
Entrada Opponents Sue Culver City
CurbedWire: Culver Studios Plaza in Rendered Glory
Westside Market Hall Proposed for Culver City
Eater Inside: Father's Office 2.0

Koreatown notables

KTown One of America's Most Fuel-Efficient Neighborhoods
Wilshire and Vermont Mall Rendered: Where Is the Vertical?
Meet the Model Unit: Koreatown's Summit on Sixth
Big Heads Coming? Koreatown Sign District Proposed
K-Town's Wilshire/Vermont Station: We Got Benches!
Koreatown Report II: MaDang Starting To Show Curves