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CurbedWire: Resnick Pavilion's Latest Look, More Madrone Questions

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[Image via LACMA's blog Unframed]
MIRACLE MILE: It's our smallest building designed by a starchitect yet--it's the Renzo Piano-designed Resnick Pavilion at the Los Angeles Country Museum of Art. The LACMA blog posts the latest construction photos of the structure, which will be just a mere 200 feet by 180 feet. Design-wise, the space, and which'll be finished in 2010 and be used as an exhibition space, will mimic the Piano-designed Broad Contemporary Museum of Art (BCAM) building. [Unframed]

HOLLYWOOD: Again with the Madrone questions! Even though we keep getting assurances from the developer's rep that the Hollywood Blvd condo project is on track, people keep writing in. Per a reader: "What’s happening at Madrone in Hollywood. They say they’re moving forward at a regular pace? I don’t think so. I haven’t seen construction workers on the site in months. And the bright yellow water proofing is falling off the building..." Perhaps the construction workers are all taking a lunch when this reader walks by...The mystery continues. [Curbed Inbox]

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