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Expo Line Latest: More Talk of a Pedestrian Bridge

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A move that could delay the Expo Line opening, California Public Utilities Commissioner Rachelle Chong filed an alternative proposal in regards to those two Expo Line light rail street crossings in South LA, a proposal that will be heard at PUC's meeting on January 29th, the LA Times' Steve Hymon reported earlier this week.

Writes Hymon: "Under Chong's proposal, the construction authority would be allowed to build rails across the pedestrian tunnel next to Foshay, but she denied the construction authority's request to build an at-grade crossing of Farmdale next to Dorsey. Her proposal leaves open the possibility of a pedestrian bridge over the tracks or a rail bridge over Farmdale -- and due to the PUC process, makes it unlikely a street-level crossing with no pedestrian bridge will even be considered." As previously covered, there are concerns re: the Expo Line's proximity to two schools. While the PUC has the authority to make the final decision, this latest news follows Judge Kenneth Koss October ruling that the Expo Line should build pedestrian bridges over the crossings, a move that could cost $18 million and delay the opening by up to three years.
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