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Railing Against WeHo's Commercialization

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Now that longtime West Hollywood resident Steve Sanders has moved to Chicago, he has some things he'd like to get off his chest. Mostly, he's angry about the "commercialization" of West Hollywood, and the subsequent pushing out of young people, the elderly, and the disabled. Let's listen in to Sanders' complaints: "One by one, I saw irreplaceable homes and apartment buildings being destroyed to serve the elite -- meaning greedy developers, special interest groups and the like, seemingly with the help of local politicians who, in turn, benefitted with their big-buck donations. I was enraged to see certain businesses and commercial ventures apparently get special treatment -- ultimately at the expense of WeHo residents, many of whom had lived in the city for years or even decades." Shot of the proposed Walgreens/mixed-use project in WeHo [WeHo News]