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Dirt Lot Frowned Upon in Costa Mesa

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While residents in South LA face fines for not removing cars from their laws, one resident in Costa Mesa faces $400 in fines for having a front yard that's a dirt lot, reports the OC Register. Kevin Doane turned his lawn to dirt in January following a weed problem and following water shortage reports. Costa Mesa City Manager Allan Roeder tells the OC Register that "having a dirt lawn isn't in the interest of the city or its residents" and suggests a dirt yard negatively impacts property values. Doane's neighbors don't seem to care one way or the other: "Both of Doane's neighbors, who live at houses next to and across the street from Doane's corner house, said they don't mind the dirt because it is maintained. 'I think there are a lot bigger concerns that we can be concerning ourselves with than his front lawn," neighbor Rocky Balboa* said. "He pays his property taxes, there's no association here, so in my opinion, he should be able to do whatever he wants.' Meanwhile, Doane's water bills have dropped $40/month since he stopped watering the lawn. UPDATE; Yes, we'd like confirmation that this guy's name is really Rocky Balboa. [OC Register]