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Rumblings & Bumblings Answers: Downtown Park Update, No Loch Ness for Silver Lake

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And now, the answers to last week's Rumblings & Bumblings. Have a question? Send an email.

DOWNTOWN: A reader inquired about plans for that downtown park over the 101 freeway. We hit up downtown resident Brady Westwater, who has been working on the project. Westwater writes: "I'm on the steering committee has been set up and we meet once a month and we have four sub-committees that each meet at least once a month. The public outreach and participation part of the process will begin in sometime between late January - early February. It's moving ahead!" Good to hear.

SILVER LAKE: There was hope that perhaps a Silver Lake Loch Ness monster had surfaced in the reservoir, but alas, a reader points out the creature pictured in the strange photo that was uploaded into the Curbed LA Flickr pool is just a creature known as the "lolrus."

[Rendering of proposed downtown park via 2008 EDAW Intern Program's web site]
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