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CurbedWire: WeHo Project Halted, Waterless Urinals in Century City

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WEST HOLLYWOOD: Speaking of West Hollywood development, Mayor Jeffrey Prang's latest email newsletter gives an update on appeal of Demolition and Development of the contentious-sounding 8017 Norton Avenue. Via the newsletter: "The City Council voted to reject the Planning Commission's prior approval of a project that included the demolition thirteen (13) residential rental units, and the construction of a new sixteen (16) unit condominium building located at 8017-8023 Norton Avenue. I supported this motion and emphasized that some members of the Planning Commission had voted against approving this project based on the substandard design and incompatibility with the surrounding neighborhood. The property owner will now have the opportunity to resubmit an amended plan for the site. Regrettably, this site would have otherwise fallen under the terms of our Interim Zoning Ordinance, which seeks to revise the development standards to be more compatible with community needs and priorities." [Curbed InBox]

CENTURY CITY: It was about a year ago that everyone was talking about urinals, and specifically, those very green waterless urinals. Well, somehow this important new item slipped past us: "When it comes to the urinals at its twin 23-story office towers in Century City, Watt Plaza has gone waterfree. In completing the replacement of all of the building’s 88 traditional urinals with water-free alternatives, Watt Plaza becomes the first Class A office property in Los Angeles to have a complete system of the environmentally-superior technology. The move, estimated to save 2.2 million gallons of water annually, underscores Watt Companies’ ongoing commitment to sustainability." Congratulations, Century City. [CCCC Newsletter]