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Beverly Hills Gargoyles Will Gurgle Again

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While Beverly Hills residents weigh in on the just-finished Montage Hotel and remain in limbo about the 9900 Wilshire project, let's look at one of Beverly Hills' lesser known, but equally important projects: the Beverly Gardens Improvement Project. While sitting in traffic along Santa Monica Blvd in Beverly Hills, you may have noticed work on parts of the 22-block long linear park around Roxbury Drive and surrounding blocks.

A $1.4 million dollar project (a portion of that money was also used for the renovation of Will Rogers Park), it should be done by mid-January. Whatcha getting, Beverly Hills? Among other things, "a water feature, benches, landscaping and the creation of a new rose garden, paths and lighting," writes Linda Boulton, a publicist for the City’s Community Services Department, in an email. "Perhaps the most notable improvement was the renovation, to working status, of the “gargoyle” water fountain in the Alpine to Foothill block that has not operated for at least the last 20 years." That appears to be one of the gargoyles (mid-repair) above. According to Boulton, part of the money for this project came from a private benefactor who made an anonymous contribution toward the project "with a specified use for the funds donated." It's not immediately clear if the anonymous funds were specifically allocated towards the fountain, but we will imagine this anonymous benefactor is a gentle giant gargoyle, one who lives in a Beverly Hills mansion in the hills.
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