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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: More LA Times Questions, Michael Jackson, Jimmy Kimmel, Barbara Orbison

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The Beverly Hills home of John Kobylt, one half of the KFI AM 640 talk show "The John and Ken Show," is available for $2.695 million, reports the LA Times. Once again, the similarities between the text in Wikipedia and the LA Times' Hot Property column are remarkable. Check out the Wikipedia entry for the "John and Ken" show: "...John often is the "hotheaded" one given to angry rants based on everyday life, while Ken acts more like a 'straight man' who passively agrees and feeds John's anger...Some of their biggest pet peeves are deceitful politics, crime, traffic, and illegal immigration." LA Times Hot Property column: "Kobylt is often the hothead, prone to angry rants, while Chiampou is the straight guy who feeds Kobylt's outbursts. Some of their pet peeves are illegal immigration, traffic, crime and party politics." Likewise, the description of LA Times' designer Bob Mackie (the Cher reference) seems to have come directly from Wikipedia. And, of course, there was last week's troubling description of Michael Ovitz. [LA Times]

Citing TMZ, Real Estalker reports that singer Michael Jackson is renting a Holmby Hills home (pictured above) for $100,000 per month. The 2002 home is one of those elaborate residences designed by local architect Richard Landry. According to Real Estalker, the home was listed at $38 million, but was just taken off the market. [Real Estalker]

Talk show host and our favorite Hollywood W MC Jimmy Kimmel may have purchased a home on Marmont Avenue for $6.35 million. [Real Estalker]

Barbara Orbison, the widow of Roy Orbison, has listed her three-bedroom home in the Hollywood Hills for $2.795 million. According to Big Time Listings, she purchased the home in 2004 for $2.546 million. [Big Time Listings]
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