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Screaming Trees: The Imperiled Palms of Miracle Mile

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Pretty 8th Street in the Miracle Mile recently received a gift of five, 30-foot-tall palms, courtesy of developers of the 5600 Wilshire mixed-use project (near tar pits, wears asshat). But a reader says some tree TLC is needed: "As the usual practice for such transplants, the palm fronds had been gathered up and lashed tightly to one another. In normal instances, in a few weeks after planting, the lashings are cut way, the fronds unfurl, absorb light and make for a healthy thriving plant.The problem is, no one cut these bound fronds and over the past four months I have watched them turn from a green color to a dried out, dead brown." All other landscaping at 5600 is well-attended to, but our reader is worried about the palms on Wilshire, which are still lashed. A representative at developer BRE says new landscapers are coming to save the day. Weep not for the fronds--yet.
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