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Curbed Cup 2008, Semi-Finals: Glendale vs. Culver City

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Curbed Cup 2008 soldiers on. Glendale had some suspicious voting patterns in its battle with Echo Park, but slacker Echo Park wasn't smart enough to also form its own strong front, so the win goes to Glendale. If things are going to get nasty, can Culver City take on Glendale developer Rick Caruso's lawyers? Using a criteria of smart growth--new development, new restaurants, community efforts--what neighborhood shone brightest this year? Vote now! The winner goes to the finals.

Glendale notable 2008:

· Glendale Place Proposed for Los Feliz Road [Curbed LA]
· Hard Times For Glendale Smokers [Curbed LA]
· Esquire Picks Palate as One of Year's Best [Racked LA]
· Boxing Ban Temporarily KO'd [Curbed LA]
· Glendale Jumps in on Hotel Mania: Hello Hyatt Place [Curbed LA]
· Americana at Brand: Now With More Food Kiosks [Eater LA]
· Live at Americana at Brand: Shoppers Packed to the Hilt! [Racked LA]
· Curbed Inside: Developer Rick Caruso's Americana At Brand [Curbed LA]

Culver City:

Development Du Jour: Culver City's Tilden Townhomes
Culver Commons Project Coming to Ghost Car Dealerships
Culver City Restaurant Explosion Phase II
Entrada Opponents Sue Culver City
CurbedWire: Culver Studios Plaza in Rendered Glory
Westside Market Hall Proposed for Culver City
Eater Inside: Father's Office 2.0