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How Much for the Most Expensive For-Sale in Santa Monica?

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A pretty penny, reports the Westside Bubble blog. With 10 bedrooms, 7 baths, ocean views, and 10,629 square feet, this manse rests on Adelaide Place and overlooks Santa Monica Canyon. Got $12.45 million? Then it's yours. It's down from almost $17 million in March 2008, a much different time. Here's the seller's description: "Come see the FABULOUS NEW LOOK of an enchanting brand new hacienda on a private lot w/ocean views. Indulge oneself in the freedom of a spontaneous, undemanding life of ease and calm." Westside Bubble questions what kind of ease and calm is needed to purchase a $12 million home. Maybe teaching yoga is more profitable than we thought. [Westside Bubble]