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CurbedWire: Latest Venice Signage, Queen of Your Castle

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VENICE: Someone has a new logo? Apparently. "This is the new logo for the strip mall at the corner of Lincoln and Rose in Venice. I absolutely love it!" writes flickr user Charles P. Everett. Lincoln looks sort of pissy. [Curbed InBox]

LOS ANGELES: "Check out picture 16," writes a reader, forwarding the MLS listing for this $1.5 million, four-bedroom on Lavell Drive. Yes, 16 is the shot. The listing helps explain the motive behind the ahem, staging: "Be the King or Queen of your castle; Cazador Castle. Norma Desmond-like staircase with original Magnesite tile. Step-down living room. Balconies & spectacular views." [Curbed InBox]