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Week in Review: Venice Prefab, XTEN in Hollywood Hills, Silver Lake Pathway, LAUSD Razing Echo Park, And Goodbye, Century Plaza

VENICE: A prefab rises in Venice. New York-based Resolution: 4 Architecture, one of the leaders of the prefab movement, is behind this latest project.

HOLLYWOOD HILLS: Take a tour of designer Randolph Duke's home, a residence done by local firm XTEN Architecture that's now on the market for a mere $8.25 million.

SILVER LAKE: Joggers and walkers can enjoy themselves without fear of being run over by cars, but what will they do to get the adrenalin rush now? We took a tour of the new walkway at the SIlver Lake pathway, which opens on Saturday.

ECHO PARK: It was hard to watch. Demolition began last week on 40 homes around Alvardo and Sunset, work that's being done to make way for a new elementary school. Whether this new school is needed is debatable.

CENTURY CITY: Hey, shiny fellas. A developer wants to tear down the famed Century Plaza hotel and put up a hotel/condo combination. Preservationists are worried, the Mayor has already signed off on the project, and developers are saying it'll take three years to get entitlements.