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Vote: Stop Elephant Sanctuary Work

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Yesterday was the Budget and Finance Committee's vote on that proposed and contentious elephant sanctuary at LA Zoo and here are the results: "A City Council committee voted 3-2 Monday to recommend that the city stop work on the $42 million Pachyderm Forest at the Los Angeles Zoo, with one councilman saying he does not want to build an "elephant exhibit to nowhere." The Budget and Finance Committee's vote, which came at the end of more than three hours of debate, will be reviewed by the full council on Wednesday." But this is a complicated issue and tomorrow the full city council will only review the financial aspect of the proposed sanctuary, ie, does the city want to spend the money on it. Concurrently, the Arts, Parks, Health & Aging Committee will continue to discuss whether the sanctuary is needed, and what is best for Billy the elephant, a rep for City Councilman Bernard Parks' office tells us. The backstory on the sanctuary is here. [CBS]

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