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Rent Check: Echo Park Eyesore Has One Unit Left

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Despite attempts to find new and meaningful adjectives to describe the Quintero Townhomes project in Echo Park, we always wind up back at "ugly" or some derivative there of - i.e. fugly, mustard colored ug, the house on ugly street, etc. etc. It seems that the last of the 16 townhomes is ready to be leased. Hmmm. We seem to remember a sign that said no vacancies a while ago. Anywho, a 3BD, 3BA unit is presently up for grabs at a competitive price of $2,500. However, if you plan to attend all 84 Dodger home games next season you can walk from your new place, saving $15 in parking fees resulting in a $1,260 annual savings. That's essentially $100 off your monthly rent, right?
· $2500 / 3br - Brand New Quintero Townhome (Echo Park) [Craigslist]

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