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Silver Lake Billboard Totally Legal, Totally Annoying

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[The Silver Lake digital billboard, as seen in September]

The City Council's Planning and Land Use Management Committee is meeting this afternoon and delving into the digital billboard issue that has brought much unhappiness across the City. We listened in online. Unfortunately, it appears that the sign at 1701 North Silver Lake Boulevard (previously discussed here, here and here) will not be going anywhere anytime soon. A Building & Safety representative testified that the billboard is entirely legal. The original billboard was legal, and the conversion was legal under the settlement agreement that the City reached with Clear Channel and other billboard operators.

The City first received a complaint about the billboard on September 22, shortly after it went up. City inspectors investigated two weeks later to determine if the light emanating from the billboard was too bright. The inspection found that the billboard did not exceed light regulations. Therefore it's legal. A frustrated Councilman Reyes suggested revisiting light standards to toughen them up. Councilman Weiss continued to call for California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) review and an ordinance to toughen sign standards. There was no resolution to come out of the meeting except for promises of a new sign ordinance and further investigation into what CEQA can do. Sorry, Silver Lakers.
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