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Rumblings & Bumblings: Disney "D" on Mulholland, Beverly Hills Lot

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Thank your again for keeping the questions coming. If you have answers to this week's questions or questions for next week's Rumblings, please email them to us at

MULHOLLAND DRIVE: This sounds like a question for Los Angeles magazine's columnist/historian Chris Nichols. A reader writes: "Thanksgiving was a beautiful day for a drive, and while motoring west on Mulholland, after Laurel Canyon and just before Bowmont, there is a large "D" in what looks to be the Disney typeface mounted on the hill below the water tower. Any idea how this got there?"

BEVERLY HILLS: Another reader writes: "Why is the southwest corner of Olympic and Robertson, in Beverly Hills no less, nothing more than a fenced off parking lot, year after year?" Maybe our Beverly Hills readers, many of whom are probably happily drunk at the Hilton right now, celebrating their win over Measure H, can fill us in.
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