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The Catch: Must Love Dogs. And Tarantulas. And Scorpions.

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What/Where: A bedroom for rent in four-bedroom, two-bathroom house in Redondo Beach. You'd be living with a couple.

Sounds good, right?: The rent is just $600, and the house is just one mile from the beach. The couple touts their "awesome neighbors" and notes that "we all like to hang and party (no, we don't just constantly party, but we like to have fun)." They also aren't fans of drama.

The Catch: This place is for animal lovers only. And they do mean you must love ALL of God's creatures, great and small: "My boyfriend and I are exotic reptile handlers, so there are many many creatures in our home. Aquariums, dogs, cats, rats, mice, ducks, reptiles, bug...Yes, we have a big snake. 11' actually. Albino Burmese Python. And he's just a baby! You can't be afraid of tarantulas, or scorpions. And you can't have any animal related allergies."
· $600 AVAILABLE NOW!! $600 Room For Rent! Redondo Beach! [Craigslist]
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