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Curbed Cup 2008: Round 1, Silver Lake vs Eagle Rock

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While we look into yesterday's slightly suspicious-looking voting patterns, let's continue with Round 1 of Curbed Cup 2008, a contest that'll choose the best LA neighborhood of the year. Using a criteria of smart growth--new development, new restaurants, community efforts--what neighborhood shone brightest? This fight is between #2 seed Eagle Rock and #7 seed Silver Lake. Clad in tiny leather vests, the Silver Lake herons have flown over to Eagle Rock--and now they are threatening to peck out the eyes of a group of Occidental students. Who will win? Vote now!

Silver Lake

Few More Details About Your Silver Lake Library
Silver Lake Meadow Starting to Look Like A Park
Controversial Silver Lake Stoplight Likely Coming
Balls Out: Ivanhoe Reservoir Gets Stocked, Bird Confusion Likely Coming
Neighborhood Council Dispatch: Silver Lake's Heron Debate
Great Silver Lake Drain of 2008: The Water Returns!
Sean Combs Moves Into Silver Lake Boulevard
Revealed: New Silver Lake Reservoir Path, Great Drain Update

Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock Project Abandoned, Construction Site Remains
One Median At A Time
Streets We Love: Eagle Rock's Shearin Drive
Eagle Rock Sign Wars
Small Is the New Black: Eagle Rock's Rock Row