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EaterTastings: Riot Hyatt's Restaurant, Parc on Hollywood Blvd No More, Casa Opening Soon

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That, friends, is the rendered bar area at the Andaz via Daily Dish

WEST HOLLYWOOD: While we track the hotel part of the Andaz, Eater LA tracks the inside. And there has already been a name change to the restaurant at the forthcoming West Hollywood hotel. Instead of 82/Sunny, it's now RH. For 'riot house.' Looks like the executives at the Andaz don't want to totally forget the past.

HOLLYWOOD BLVD: It's the end of the line for Parc on Hollywood Boulevard. Shereen Arazm opened this restaurant in 2007, but next year, it'll be demo'd and redesigned. Eater LA gets word that it will be reborn as a "gastropubbby type thing."

DOWNTOWN: Eater stops by Casa in the California Plaza, which is opening by New Year's Eve. Here's a quick look at the menu: for dinner, expect things like albondigas, persimmon and jicama salad, grilled octopus, house-made chorizo quesadillas, braised rabbit, and carne asada. That sounds a helluva lot tastier than what the now-shuttered Lime was offering.