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Curbed Reader Comment Round Up

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The best posts usually originate in our comments. To give appreciation to our amazing (and sometimes angry) commenters we feature their broad strokes of wisdom in a tidy comment roundup.

1.) CurbedWire: Mint Green Venice Palace, Rant About 409 Bus: I bought East of Lincoln last year. For the same money I could have bought on Superba West of Lincoln - a tiny 2,200 lot with nightmare street parking for my guests. I opted for East of Lincoln down the road from the prefab featured on curbed yesterday. 5,800 ft lot with almost no street traffic. Yes it is more suburban that near AK but it is still not Mar Vista - you can tell by the design of the houses being built. Resale value East of Lincoln will be healthy for a large architect-designed modern home. Why? Because there are plenty of creative industry folks who have kids that are too young to need a good school district. They want a yard, maybe a pool, no gangs, no piss stench and yet be able to tell people at their ad agency or film studio that they live in Venice. Hate the yuppies if you want but their money will continue to chase Venice. Remember a time when all of Venice was considered a dump? Money changes a place - and it is changing East of Lincoln.

2). Locals Testing Out Unopened Silver Lake Pathway: Actually the black fence is less reflective so it should be less obstructive than silver -- and just invisible enough for the great blue herons to kill themselves flying into it. But at least the starving coyotes will have something to eat.

3.) How About Condos Instead of the Century Plaza Hotel?: The hotel can't be incorporated into the new design? How amazing that could be. And why do these developers hire landscape architects from the east coast to design our outdoor spaces? Lastly, make the developer pay into a public transportation fund, or foot the bill for a new subway station.
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