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CurbedWire: Sunset Blvd Mini-Mini Mall, Metro Bus Chatter

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WEST HOLLYOOD: It was last year that we showed off the rendering for this little mini mini mall on Sunset Blvd (right around the 9000 block of Sunset, if we're not mistaken). It looks this one's just about cooked--and it looks a bit like a strange wedding cake. [Curbed Staff]

LOS ANGELES: Reader Peter McFerrin has a lot on his mind: "I was driving west on Venice Boulevard today and I saw a brand-new bus, which appeared to be a 45-foot non-articulated version of the 60-foot articulated "Metroliner," operating as an eastbound 33/333. Anyone have a picture? As a former daily rider of that line, which LA Weekly accurately described as the armpit of the Metro Bus system. I'm glad that some money is finally coming into what is one of MTA's busiest yet most neglected routes.Also, it escaped my notice last week, but Metro also redid 33 and 333 so that the limited-stop 333 goes all the way to Union Station. A prelude to Rapid service, perhaps? [Curbed InBox]