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Curbed Cup 2008: Round 1, Echo Park Vs. Glendale

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Welcome to Curbed Cup 2008, a contest that'll choose the best LA neighborhood of the year. Over the next few days, we'll be pitting eight neighborhoods against each other, and this first round sees #1 seed Echo Park going against #8 seed Glendale. Using a criteria of smart growth--new development, new restaurants, community efforts--what neighborhood shone the brightest? And the fight is on---Echo Park has just laughed at Glendale's trolley, while Glendale is claiming to have slept with Lady of the Lake--Glendale is calling her a floozy! Vote now.

Echo Park notable 2008:

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· EaterWire: El Prado Open, Still Unsure What It Is, Izakaya Katsu-ya Cutting Back, Top Chef Cookbook Signing [Eater LA

Glendale notable 2008:

· Glendale Place Proposed for Los Feliz Road [Curbed LA]
· Hard Times For Glendale Smokers [Curbed LA]
· Esquire Picks Palate as One of Year's Best [Racked LA]
· Boxing Ban Temporarily KO'd [Curbed LA]
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· Americana at Brand: Now With More Food Kiosks [Eater LA]
· Live at Americana at Brand: Shoppers Packed to the Hilt! [Racked LA]
· Curbed Inside: Developer Rick Caruso's Americana At Brand [Curbed LA]