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CurbedWire: Olympic Blvd Construction, Story & Place Contest

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OLYMPIC BLVD: There are two different construction projects going up along Olympic, near Dunsmuir, and they both look pretty close to finishing. This one (the other one is a few blocks down) is going to be condominiums, according to the guys working on the site. There's some lovely old Tudors and other homes in this area, and notably, the home directly next to this construction site (it's pictured in the gallery here) has a "For Sale" sign hanging out front. We did notice that the new development blocked some of the late afternoon sunshine that would have normally hit the house, which was too bad. But who knows why they are selling. [Curbed Staff]

LOS ANGELES: Cash prizes, people. A member of the SMIBE (The Society for Moving Images about the Built Environment) emails in news of a competition. "We recently launched a short competition "Story about a Place" that some of your readers might be interested in. Entry is free. Selected films will be screened at the MAK. Cash Prizes. That website is here. Examples of the types of films we are looking for can be seen here... All of these short films are about LA." [Curbed Inbox]