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LAUSD Razing Homes in Echo Park

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Evidence that it's time to reconsider the homeschooling option: These photos, taken this morning, show a home being razed along Santa Ynez St. in Echo Park. For those just catching up, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is planning to put an elementary school (Central Elementary School #14) at this site. The Right Site Coalition, which has been battling the LAUSD, has argued that not only is the school not needed because local enrollment numbers are dropping, but the narrow, traffic-heavy Alvardo street site is a lousy place for a school. Last week, the Chicken Corner blog reported there had been a legal settlement between the LAUSD and the Right Site Coalition, paving the way for the homes to be razed. If the blog had indicated that there was some question whether the school could be built, the LAUSD's Vickie Ramos tells us: "Yes, the school is going to be built."

No more legal issues? No, according to Ramos. Meanwhile, a recent flyer to local residents indicates that the demolition (which began last week)--will stretch along Alvarado St/Mohawk St and Santa Ynez Street/Marathon Street near Sunset Blvd--will be done by March 2009. In the gallery are photos of more homes that'll be demolished. In the meantime, is this one of these projects that could be stalled by our state's financial crisis? Because that would be ridiculously bad news. UPDATE: In reference to this morning's LA Times story about some state projects being cancelled, a spokesperson for the LAUSD tells us that "we do have the funds available" for this school.
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