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CurbedWire: Turn Los Globos Into A Gym? Mar Vista Gardens Mail Meeting

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SILVER LAKE: This topic has come up before: Silver Lake really doesn't have a decent gym, according to some locals. Here's the latest suggestion from a reader who has been brainstorming: "It's been almost a whole year since the last update on the possible sale of Club Los Globos in Silver Lake. I am assuming it's because there have been no offers, which saddens me personally since I live right near there. Any news on this? Also, in my dreams, the space will be converted into a decent gym-- it's about time that we Eastsiders (yeah, I'm calling Silver Lake the East Side) got a gym that was larger than a shoebox. Maybe 24 hour Fitness reads Curbed and is looking to expand. Do people have other fantasies about what the space could be turned into??" It's true, it looks like Sunset Blvd club Los Globos isn't listed for sale anymore. Via flickr user Billyhc [Curbed Inbox]

MAR VISTA: A press release from Congresswoman Maxine Waters' office indicates that Waters will "participate in the Mar Vista Gardens Resident Advisory Council (RAC) meeting" tomorrow at the Mar Vista Community Center. Hopefully that meeting will result in mail service returning (as far as we know, mail service still isn't back to normal and we all know that Santa needs to make the rounds).The Argonaut first reported that U.S. Postal office workers are too scared to enter the development (there was a fatal shooting at the development earlier this year). [Curbed InBox]