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New To Market: Burbank Ranch With Pool

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Is there hope for this Burbank home? The street looks wide and friendly, there's a good amount of lawn, there's a fireplace, and hey, there's even a pool, a necessity for those hot Burbank summers. OK, but what to do with that pool--it needs a little help in the way of accessories or pool furniture. Also in need of some tweaking: the kitchen cabinets. And could someone explain the hanging tendrils of tubes above the, uh, teddy bear? A three-bedroom, two-bath on a nearly 9,5850-square foot lot, this home is listed at $585,000. More via the listing: "Great buy in this very charming country style home. 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Property is loaded with character and great curb appeal! Features include a large, rustic den with brick floor and gas fireplace with log storage and access to private lawn area."
· 1136 N Maple St [Redfin]