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Locals Testing Out Unopened Silver Lake Pathway

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The official opening isn't till Saturday, and there are still barricades up at the entry points near the reservoir, but as first noted last week, people just can't help themselves--Silver Lakeians are hopping over the small concrete barrier and testing out the path! In the 20 minutes we spent walking the pathway this morning, we saw a dozen people walking or jogging on the dirt trail (which winds along the reservoir on Silver Lake Blvd). The funniest looks we got came from the people who are sticking to the old path on the roadway--those joggers had annoyed, confused expressions that seemed to say: "What are you doing? It's not open yet!" The small concrete barrier that winds along the road will remain; one of the construction workers said they're currently patching up the holes and cracks of the barrier. Anyway, the pathway is very attractive. It'll make lesser pathways feel inadequate. Our only criticism is the color of the new fence that blocks off the reservoir--it's black. Maybe a silver-colored one would have been a little more subtle and would have made the fence seem less noticeable? More on the path's history here.
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