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Big Electronic Billboard Vote Tomorrow

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An email blast from the Ban Billboard Blight blog notes that tomorrow is the big day for the electronic billboard vote. "The City Council will vote tomorrow (Wednesday, Dec. 17) on a six-month moratorium that will immediately halt digital billboard conversions. The moratorium will also prohibit any permits for new billboards and supergraphic signs. During this time, the city sign code can be rewritten to put some tough protections in place for our neighborhoods. In order to pass as an urgent measure and take immediate effect, the moratorium must get 12 votes..." As previously covered, the billboard companies have been converting existing billboards into blinking, digital ones, many of which offer delightful journeys into the nostrils of the "Madagascar" animals. UPDATE: We asked Dennis Hathaway, who heads up the Ban Billboard Blight group, whether a decision to go ahead with the temporary ban could lead to more lawsuits against the city by the billboard companies. This is is what he wrote back: "The ICO that's going to city council tomorrow has now been shortened to three months, with the possibility of one three month extension. That makes lawsuits unlikely, because by the time something was filed and a hearing held, the time would be pretty much up." [Curbed InBox]