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MOCA Update: Merger, $$$ Talk

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Two developments on the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) front: The financially-troubled museum has been approached by Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) about a possible merger. Via Culture Monster: "Under the terms of the proposed merger, MOCA's collection and programs would be exhibited at MOCA's Geffen Contemporary Space in Little Tokyo, the Broad Contemporary Art Museum at LACMA and at LACMA's Stewart Resnick Exhibition Pavilion, under construction on the LACMA campus. Additional programs are planned for MOCA's Grand Avenue site." Whenever anyone gets a second, we'd like to know if our LACMA membership transfers over if this thing gets done. Secondly, Council President Eric Garcetti and Councilwoman Jan Perry introduced a motion that would allocate $2.8 million in Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) funds to the museum, provided the museum adheres to certain stipulations. Press release is after the jump.


LOS ANGELES - Council President Eric Garcetti and Councilwoman Jan Perry introduced a motion today to encourage the board of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) to continue operating at its current location on Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles.

The motion recommends that the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) allocate up to $2.8 million in funding generated from Cal Plaza ground rents to aid in the operation of MOCA. Funding would be allocated to MOCA upon three conditions: (1) if new leadership is installed at all critical levels of MOCA; (2) MOCA renews their commitment to remain in Cal Plaza Downtown; and (3) MOCA accepts offers of financial assistance from private individuals to increase its sustainability.

"We want to ensure that MOCA remains a strong cultural center for Angelenos, and offer the city's assistance with keeping the museum downtown where it can be enjoyed by residents as well as tourists from around the world. It also serves and reflects the vibrant artist community that lives and works in this part of the city."" said Council President Eric Garcetti.

"MOCA is an important downtown cultural asset. With the resurgence of our city center, and the development of Grand Avenue, it is more important than ever to support the programs, art exhibits, and legacy of MOCA and all that it represents," said Councilwoman Jan Perry who represents the Ninth District which includes MOCA. "MOCA has successfully provided a link to the arts to diverse communities and it is important that we maintain this connection for future generations of Angelenos to enjoy."

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