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First Subway to the Sea Rendering: Courtesy of College Kids

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To be an arch student at Cal Poly Pomona. One of their class projects is now online, and it looks like something we'd do for fun. The Subway to the Sea Studio is the collegiate imagining of the Purple Line extension (expected in real life in about seven years), as well as the proposed Pink Line through WeHo (date TBA). The Subway to the Sea Studio looks like a work in progress, but the kids have done a nice job imagining the Wilshire and Crenshaw stop. Currently a dead zone of office buildings and empty lots, the students envision ground-floor retail for commuters and workers. We give the kids a B+, taking off points for this line: "With the extension of Metros' (sic) Purple Line west on Wilshire and the new subway line following the Crenshaw corridor this intersection transforms into a bussling (sic) mutli (sic)-modal transportation interchange." That's almost as many typos as we make. Aside from the misspellings, the Crenshaw rail line will be above-ground, and will probably terminate at La Brea. That's what school is for, folks.
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