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CurbedWire: Riot Hyatt's Balconies Totally Suffocated, Go Bagless

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WEST HOLLYWOOD: A reader recently wrote in, warning that an unattractive banner would soon rise across the entire front of the Andaz hotel, the former Riot Hyatt re-do on Sunset (the new Andaz hotel is opening early next year). Well, here is it. [Curbed Staff]

LOS ANGELES: Hey, everyone, this Thursday is Day Without A Bag. It's billed as the day you give a gift to the environment. Think of all the gifts the environment has given you. Via the web site for Culver City: "Join thousands of shoppers in L.A. County in giving up disposable bags in favor of reusable totes for 24 hours. Culver City is proud to share part of the outreach effort of “A Day Without a Bag” This is an education and grassroots event coordinated by Heal the Bay that involves businesses and individuals throughout Los Angeles County. On this day we ask holiday shoppers and retailers to forgo single-use, plastic shopping bags in favor of reusable bags. Held the third Thursday in December, Heal the Bay’s second annual A Day Without a Bag will be December 18, 2008." [Curbed InBox]