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Venice Is Becoming LA's Prefab Neighborhood

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New York-based firm Resolution: 4 Architecture does most of their work on the East Coast, so when news leaked last summer that they were designing a home in Venice, prefab fans got pretty excited. This three-bedroom home in Venice is a panelized home (most of Res: 4's homes are modular), meaning that "panels" of the home, like a deck of cards, were delivered to the site. (Modular can be thought of as "legos"--the pieces are stacked on top of one another. Architecture firm Marmol Radziner's home in Venice is modular.) In this case, the client, a Res: 4 contractor who is doing the house himself, is putting stucco on the outside of the home. A pool is also planned for the front yard, while you can spy a nice fireplace on that second floor deck. Meanwhile, Joseph Tanney, one of the founders of Res: 4, tells us that his firm has recently found a factory in Sacramento that can build to Res: 4's specifications, which means the West Coast will likely be seeing more Res: 4 homes. Nice. And look at the trend: All the prefab architects--Res: 4, Marmol Radziner, and Jennifer Siegal (based in Venice)--are building/have a presence in this pocket of the city.
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