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New To Market: XTEN's Randolph Duke Home

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Above are photos of Randolph Duke's home, a residence done by via XTEN Architecture, the local architecture firm. Yes, it's worth looking around. And here's the description via their web site: "Set in a visible hillside area above Sunset Boulevard, the Openhouse appears as a simple folded line with recessed glass planes, a strong sculptural form at the scale of the site. The minimalist logic of the architecture is transformed by direct and indirect connections to nature. With the glass walls completely open the house becomes a platform de?ned by an abstract roof plane, a palette of natural materials, hill- side, gardens and the views." The home, as noted this morning, is available for a mere $8.25 million; it was profiled last year in Architectural Digest. The founding members of XTEN are husband/wife Austin Kelly and Monika Haefelfinger. Images via the listing are here.
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