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LA Architects Making the World Better: Johnston Marklee in Argentina

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LA Architects Making the World Better is our irregularly scheduled look at projects around the globe designed by LA-based architects. Want your work showcased? Email us.

As part of the continuing series of looking at local architecture firms' work (overseas projects), we turn to the office of Johnston Marklee. Behind designs at restaurant Hungry Cat, and the Helios House gas station, the firm is working on this unusual house in Argentina. Nifty. Additionally, the firm, which has an office on Pontius Ave., recently did the PAPER magazine's pop-up store on Sunset Boulevard (here is an interview with Johnston Marklee founders/principals Mark Lee and Sharon Johnston).

Designed for an ecologically rich site on the Argentine plains near Rosario, this 3,000 square foot house optimizes a compact dwelling space by maximizing the experience of the surrounding views and prioritizing environmental performance. The taurus shape creates expansive spaces by layering volume and view within and throughout the house. The siting, orientation and form of the house minimize dependence on mechanical systems, making use of natural light, air flow, and alternative energy systems to create a dynamic living experience directly engaged with the local site conditions.
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