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CurbedWire: Mint Green Venice Palace, Rant About 409 Bus

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VENICE: It was back in August that we first met this mint-green home in Venice (it's east of Lincoln for those keeping track). It's certainly different-looking. What would your name be if you had a name, green house? Anyway, here are the latest construction shots. It looks about done. Also: We also got totally schooled by a resident who lives east of Lincoln, and who totally broke down the whole East Vs. West of Lincoln debate for us. Here is what she said: "East of Lincoln is BETTER. It's safer, meaning you don't have the Venice beach riff raff hanging around. The lots are bigger, it's only small lots west of Lincoln, so you can build a bigger house, buy a bigger house. It's less expensive, and you don't have the new yuppie money crowd...East of Lincoln, it's longtime families who have lived in Venice." East is declared the winner of the Lincoln debates, people.

LOS ANGELES: A reader has a rant about the bus system in Los Angeles. Let's listen in: "I have been taking the LADOT commuter express for the last 3 years, from Tujunga to the civic center...I'd like to share some of my experiences riding the bus. First, the compliment, it is a bargain, a stress reliever and a great convenience. Now the complaints. Since the price of gas went up, many new riders starting using the bus and now that prices are low, they are not going back to their monster trucks. Good for the environment but it translates into crowded buses ( I can live with this problem). Here are some real problems, some passengers place their items on the seat next to them, hoping that others would not want to ask them to move the stuff so they can have the two seats for the price of one. And believe me, these rude people get away with it many times. Others [sit] on the aisle seat to try to achieve the same results."

"But I think that a real problem with the 409 is its unreliability. These buses run every 20 to 30 minutes but you cannot count on them to be on time. Many times, I have seen two buses traveling together, when they are supposed to be at least 20 minutes apart. Many times one scheduled bus never arrives. (the 5:11 at the HOA is notorious for that), etc, etc.

I am guessing that the City of LA has contracts with different vendors for commuter express routes. However, there is no accountability from the city when it comes to service complains so problems just fester year after year. I have complained to council members and the Mayor's office but they turn a blind eye. The contracting company seems to be poorly managed, high turnover of drivers, poor response to costumer concerns, etc."

Anyone else want to chime and share their bus-riding experiences?