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Settlement Reached in Echo Park 9A Case

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Citing the Echo Park Historical Society e-newsletter, Echo Park blogger Jenny Burman says that the long battle over site 9A is over. Well, at least the part about the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)'s right to raze homes off Alvarado. As you will recall, the LAUSD has fighting to put in a school (residents were ordered to leave their homes) at a site off Alvarado in Echo Park. The Right Site Coalition had been fighting the group, but can no longer afford to keep their legal battle going. Writes Burman: "The District now will be allowed to raze the houses it seized. But it's uncertain whether it can build a school in the same location." More via the e-newsletter: "A judge has approved a settlement over the school district's plans to demolish more than two blocks of homes and commercial buildings near Alvarado Street and Sunset Boulevard. Despite a string of victories by the Right Site Coalition, which included the EPHS [Echo Park Historical Society], against the Site 9A proposal, the opponents could not raise enough money to continue the legal challenge. As a result, the school district will be allowed to go ahead with the demolition. It's not clear when the demolition will begin."
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