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CurbedWire: Barker Block Arts Event, Dion Neutra Looking for Documentary Filmmaker

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DOWNTOWN: Nonprofit Art Share comes to the Community Gallery at downtown development Barker Block (513 South Molino St.) this Saturday from 3 – 7 p.m. Via the press release: "It will feature art from local artists and Art Share participants and all proceeds go to Art Share which provides artistic direction, teaching and outlets for underprivileged kids in downtown LA. Barker Block will also donate a portion of their December sales to Art Share." [Curbed Inbox]

SILVER LAKE: A conversation today with Dion Neutra, a Silver Lake resident, revealed that people are already using the brand new Silver Lake walking path! The one that isn't supposed to be officially opened till December 20th. Good lord. Also: Neutra is looking for some help--he's interested in hiring a local documentary maker. Information after the jump. He'll discuss the details in person. [Curbed Inbox]

Dion Neutra's latest Challenge!

The world famous firm recently celebrated its 80th Anniversary!

A great chance for would-be docu-makers to show their stuff! The Institute has projected about 10 potential documentaries to cover various aspects of its activities.

It is proposed to record the action on tape with a view to creating programs capable of being shown on television. DVDs may also be sold in museums, bookstores, etc. Hopefully through sale of the program, funds may be raised to reimburse some of the funding we hope to attract from sponsors to front the costs.

Applicants must be prepared to speculate their time, material and equipment, in exchange for screen credit and a valuable credit for their resume. Hand held digital is acceptable format. Total time span of production is indefinite; whatever events that occur in the process should be covered. Final edit and Post to fit TV format.

Apply with resume and demos to:

Dion Neutra, Architect, Executive Consultant
Institute for Survival Through Design
2440 Neutra Place Los Angeles, CA 90039
Phone/Fax: 323 666 1806