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Ask Curbed: Should I Tip My Building Manager? Cleaners?

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Two tipping questions! First, a reader needs to know what the custom is out on the West Coast when it comes to tipping building personnel. Help save her from the embarrassment of making a social faux pas: "I just moved here from New York City and this time of year it's customary to tip my doormen and my building's super/handy man. While I no longer have doormen in LA, I do have a building manager, who has been very helpful with fixing small issues in my apartment (broken bulbs, screendoor, etc). I've asked my friends out here what they do but can't seem to find any consensus. Should I tip? Give a gift instead? How much? I need help figuring this all out." Additionally, another reader would like to know if you tip cleaners, and if so what's a good alternative to giving money. "I'm just wondering if there's a nice inexpensive gift anyone could suggest."
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