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EaterTastings: Inside Downtown's Drago Centro, Rivera Nears Opening, Tengu Santa Monica Suddenly Shutters

The latest dish from Eater LA, Curbed's hedonistic eating and drinking blog...

DOWNTOWN: Eater provides an inside look at Drago Central in the City National Plaza downtown. Celestino Drago didn't skimp on the details with "Murano chandeliers, the custom-designed, earthquake retrofitted glass wine room, the textured wallpaper, the lounge (indoor and out), the skylights that look up to the towering buildings surrounding it."

DOWNTOWN: John Sedlar's Rivera in the Metlofts is nearing its soft opening date around new year's. Eater spots new signage but tells us the pan-latin place had not yet passed final inspection.

SANTA MONICA: Upscale sushi spot Tengu near the pier in Santa Monica shuttered suddenly this week. And in totally unrelated news, Marc Dreier, a New York lawyer and major investor in Tengu, was arrested last week after allegedly cheating hedgefunds out of $100 million.
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