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Curbed Cup 2008: Neighorhood of the Year Contest is On

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It's that time of year again, the season when Curbed readers come together to choose the neighborhood of the year and award a fake trophy to its residents. So what neighborhood shone the brightest in 2008? Added interesting real estate developments, saw the opening of great new restaurants and stores? What neighborhood established green ordinances, created excellent parks, or worked to eliminate tagging? Last year's winner was the Historic Core, a cinderalla story that saw the neighborhood sweeping past South Park and Hollywood (there was also some strange ballot stuffing for San Pedro). The voting will start soon, but first we need to establish the contenders. We need your input to decide which neighborhoods should even be considered, so we can narrow the list down and seed accordingly. These are the neighborhoods that made the list last year. Suggestions in comments.
· Curbed Cup '07 Winner Is Downtown's Historic Core [Curbed LA]