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Recession Special: Eagle Rock in the $300,000s

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The lean days are upon us, people. How does dry cat food taste, anyway? Recession Special features homes that you might actually be able to afford. Send in your suggestions.

This home should probably really be $100,000 less, but considering the heights of prices that everyone has seen, it's looking slightly affordable. The kitchen looks like it could have potential, there's a driveway, and the window aren't half-bad. There's even a fireplace, a key factor because pretty soon you won't be able to pay your heating bills. It's a 1,212 square foot two-bedroom that's listed for $379,000. More via the listing: "Santa Fe style with 2 spacious bedroom and one bath. Park at the guest parking(driveway) and step onto the spanish tile to a nice entry way and experience a cozy living room with a fire place." The only unknown is the desirability of the location, so the Eagle Rockers will have to fill us in.
· 2818 Rock Glen Ave [Redfin]