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Rumblings and Bumblings Answers: Noho14 Rents, Silver Lake Phone Booth, Mystery Housing

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Thank you for your answers to this week's questions. If you have questions for next week's edition of Rumblings, send in your queries. As always, your 10th question is free.

1) North Hollywood: A reader inquired about the status of NoHo 14, that condo-turned-ghost-tower-turned rental building. Diane, a leasing agent at the development, fills us in: People started moving into the 180-unit building three weeks ago. One-bedrooms are renting for $1,895, two-bedrooms are renting for $2,395 and three-bedrooms are going for $3,495. And you get one month free with a year's lease. She said the building is a little over 10 percent leased. Great to hear.

2) Silver Lake: A nice reader sends in a photo of that London-styled Silver Lake phone booth at Silverlake Blvd and Glendale, writing, "I believe the cell phone booth is an art project that Citibank is sponsoring. I was there over the weekend for the Silver Lake Art, Craft & Vintage market--fun."

3) Pico Aliso: What is up with the newer housing that is located just west of the 101? Again, we go to comments: "The housing in that area is either Pico Gardens, Las Casitas, or Pico Aliso Senior Housing. All three projects were completed in 2002."
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