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CurbedWire: Variety Will Glow All Night on Wilshire

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MID-WILSHIRE: Yesterday, two new red Variety signs (north and south-facing) were illuminated at 5900 Wilshire, site of the publisher's new headquarters. (5900 Wilshire is that office tower that recently got a redesign by architecture firm Johnson Fain.) Some facts about the sign: Weighing 300 lbs., the V is the heaviest letter. It's not neon signage but mini-LEDs that illuminate the signs. Each set of letters utilizes approximately 1,400 LEDs and 15 power 60 watt supplies, or about 900 watts (7.5 amps at 120v). We have no idea what that means. But the signs will be lit from 4pm-8am. [Curbed InBox]